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Principal Fariog Consult Speech


The President,
Old Boys Association, USA Chapter,
All EXCO Members here present
Distinguished Ladies & Gentlemen.

In schools and in everyday life, Computer Technology is of paramount importance, so this year’s topic is more interesting if we relate it to Nigerian situation vis: how both lack of Power and adequate education has hindered Computer Technology. Computer Technology in a developing nation like Nigeria without adequate access to electricity or equipment maintenance is more challenging than the use of computer itself. At the moment, Nigeria is generating 2.2 megawatts of electricity for a population of about 170 million; a Country where electricity is being rationed everyday.
A developing Nation like Nigeria lag behind other nations in terms of ready access to the internet , though Telephone Service Providers have started to bridge that gap; Mtn, Etisalat, Airtel and Glo have ready access to software and information through the use of CDMA Selection.
Nigeria and the rest of Africa presents a unique cultural climate for the introduction of computer technology as a result of it’s peculiar problems. Due to finance constraints, the bare necessities of life – water, electricity, roads and education are more important in what the Government of the day tries to achieve. Though difficult to achieve, a broader base Computer Technology (50% compliance) is seen by the Government as a ready tool to development, economic resources and stability. In this regard, Nigeria Government is doing

all it could to increase the awareness of Computer technology as the Govt knows that Computer Technology is the potential of information technology in empowering individuals to promote growth and increasing its capacity. To achieve this goal, the Government is encouraging the use of computer in Schools; examinations are being set with computer and the students are made to use computer to answer the questions. This is the case with JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation board). The Government has also introduced the use of computer in writing school certificate examinations; therefore, the use of Computer in Secondary Schools is becoming compulsory.
Our school is the only school in the entire state that Samsung is installing 50 computers. Also, the twenty Computers supplied by your chapter are being installed with the fifteen others donated by members of the local chapter. In Architectural Practice, the use of Computer Aided design is unparalled. The era of Set Square is completely over. We now design with AutoCAD, Archicard, Revit, Sketch UP from the comfort of your seat. As you can see the use of Computer Technology has greatly simplified drawings and it’s a lot easier.
I trust that at the end of this Seminar, with the caliber of the participants here present, solutions will be proffered to the problems peculiar to Nigeria which I have highlighted earlier as being problem of Power failure and tell us the way forward.
Now permit me to digress a little and talk about our Alma Mata. During its formation, the school had a trying period educationally and morally, but got stabilized in the early seventies during the era of Chief Aiyobahan of late memory. Thank God that the School had this Principal (Chief S. O. Aiyobahan) that changed the fortune of the School positively. A Principal that we cannot easily erase from the minds of the students and the history of Edo Boys, A Principal that installed discipline in us which still remains a driving force in our lives
till date. The School started recording brilliant performance in School Certificate in the seventies and precisely in 1973. That was the year progress started smiling on most of our old boys. This attestation is further buttressed when we take the statistic of the sets that made it to higher education in Nigeria and abroad, especially this part of the world.
From that time till date, the school has witnessed a tremendous growth in percentage passes in WAEC. In 2015 for example, the school presented 81 candidates, Sixty Eight (68) candidates credited five papers and above, which qualifies them to enter Universities in Nigeria; this gave 86 percent pass. The same year, 34 candidates sat for NECO, 32 candidates credited 6 papers and above which is 94 percent pass.

In the same year under review, the school participated in two debates – (i) NON Governmental Organisation (NGO) and (ii) Governor’s debate. It will interest you to know that the school came first in both debates with a cash reward of Three Million Naira (N3,000,000.00) in Governor’s debate. All these achievements clearly demonstrate that the students are making good use of the Library this noble chapter helped to set up few years back
The local Chapter organizes yearly career counseling and this year’s own came up on the 12th of March. The School’s Inter-House Sport was sponsored by the old boys . Washinton House came first, Edaiken House came second while Blue House Came third. We also

organize yearly Award day for Teachers and students to encourage and motivate them.
Permit me to say a word or two on this noble chapter. I have always heard of your co-operation, love, academic excellence and above all your willingness to identify with your alma mater, please keep it up. The local chapter is always being informed of your donations towards the upliftment of the School. No person on earth can reward you for this show of magnanimity and kindness to the little children down there in Benin City, only Almighty God that will reward and bless you abundantly.

My speech will not be complete if I do not mention that the last Principal, Mr. Osamwonyi Egbon was an old boy (1972 set) and that the present Principal – Mr. Igbinadolor Richard Omoregbee is also an old boy of 1979 set and that the next Principal by God’s Grace will still be an old boy.
Thank you for listening to me and God bless you in your deliberations throughout this conference.

Fariog Consult

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