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Electricity Supply:

the only source of electricity in the school is a generator which is barely able to sustain the pumping of water from the borehole not to talk of providing electricity for use in the laboratories.


Poor infrastructure:

the entire school must be rewired before the school can be connected to the city’s power grid, according to the engineers that looked into the problem recently. Any attempt to connect the school to the city’s electrical grid now will cause fire.

The Edo Boys High School USA chapter boys can look into this needs.

  • Water supplies
  • Lawn equipments
  • Discount to school uniforms
  • First Aids equipments

Since its inception, this association has made significant contributions toward the alleviation of major pressing problems confronted the institution in the past.

Sponsoring Debate Competition

The flagship projects that provides learners with an opportunity to develop their research, critical thinking, and information literacy skills, as well as their ability to work as a team to present logical arguments. Amongst the objectives of the competition is to build science communication ambassadors out of learners through researching and debating of high-level scientific topics

Debate on

  • Science subjects
  • Commercial subjects
  • Social understanding
  • Entertainments
Governor's Debate Cup won by EBHS 2015

Further to these core objectives, the EBHS Schools Debates aim to:

  • Encourage young people to address key issues facing their communities and the country and to find solutions to these issues through science, engineering and technology;
  • Impart crucial research skills to all participants in the project;
  • Prepare Edo Boys Students learners for the professional working environment;
  • Nurture assertiveness and confidence among young Edo Boys – the leaders of the future;
  • Encourage proficiency in English, the generally accepted language of business and academia, by promoting the core principles of good speech-making and presentation skills; and
  • Encourage a pioneering spirit among the young people of Edo State and Nigeria in a whole

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